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A Fuller Life

“A Fuller Life” is an unflinching look at how cancer turns a life about to blossom into maturity into a harrowing search for “right answers.” Michelle Fuller contracted Ewing Sarcoma as she turned 30; the nine months it took to determine the correct diagnosis could have ended the story right there. She lived to endure lifesaving surgeries that destroyed her face, medical therapies that almost killed her, and a decades-long journey through the labyrinthine health care system.

The wonder of Michelle Fuller is how she took all the pain and uncertainty and turned it into lessons learned, the kind she wanted to share with others who might encounter similar journeys.

She shares the darkness and the laughter, and the strategies she employed to stay sane in a bewildering maze of healthcare providers and medications. Through it all, she focused on life, and love, and friendship: receiving and giving in equal measure.

Resilience, courage, and perseverance were the foundations on which Michelle built a new life, one filled with joy, purpose, and achievement.